Nouns – Fruit, Veggies, Berries

Here are some rules to make the video under a little easier. It also makes you able to learn more from the video.

Most male nouns works like this:

A X that X More X those X
En banan Bananen Bananer bananene
En appelsin Appelsinen Appelsiner appelsinene
En drue * Druen Druer druene

*Watch how I don’t add 2 e’s at the word.

Of course there are a lot of exceptions. But this is for this post.

Neutral nouns have two ways. Words with one syllable, and words with 2 or more.

A X That X More X Those X
Et eple Eplet *^ Epler Eplene
Et bær Bæret * Bær bærene

*This T is silent.
^ And same as above, never 2 e’s.

There is no ending in neutral nouns plural indefinite if there is just one syllable.

All the berries (jord-, blå-, bringe-, ) is judged only on their last word “bær”. So they are counted as a One Syllable Word ! This is because it is a mixture of two words… Sorry this is hard 😉

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