Nouns – Animals

This is an explanation for the youtube video «Norwegian Language: Animals»

First, some pronounsiation of the animals you just heard.

Dog = hund: you don’t say the «d». Some dialects do though !

Bird = Fugl : You do not say the «g».

Squirrel = Ekorn: Listen to the sound the R+N makes together.

Bear = Bjørn: practice the Ø sound.

Snake = Slange: Note that it is a «sh» sound.

Sheep = sau: The «AU» makes an «Æ» sound. Many people also say «S-Æ-V» with a V at the end (it’s not right, but they do!)

Goat = Geit: Note that the G is silent and makes a Norwegian «J» sound – J-æ-i-t.

Chicken = kylling: Practice the «kj» sound which is in this word. NOT the «skj» sound.

Most male nouns works like this:

A X that X More X those X
En hund Hunden Hunder Hundene
En sau Sauen Sauer Sauene
En ape  * apen Aper Apene

* look how i don’t add 2 «e»‘s to the Ape.

Neutral nouns have two ways. Words with one syllable, and words with 2 or more.

A X That X More X Those X
Et ekorn Ekornet Ekorn ^ Ekorna ^^
Et esel eselet * Eseler Eselene

*This T is silent.
^ Exception to the rule this should have had «er» cause it has 2 syllables, but it doesn’t. .
^^ WEIRD WORD! It’s totally different from anything else.

There is no ending in neutral nouns plural indefinite if there is just one syllable.

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