New words in this video:

T-skjorte, genser, hettegenser, jakke, bukse, skjorts, kjole, skjørt, sko, sokk

English word, Sing indefinit, sing definite, plural indefinite, plural definite.

Tshirt En T-skjorte T-skjorta T-skjorter T-skjortene
Sweater En genser Genseren Gensere Genserene
Hoodie Hettegenser Hettegenseren hettegensere hettegenserene
Jacket En Jakke Jakka Jakker Jakkene
Pants En bukse Buksa Bukser Buksene
Shorts En skjorts* Skjortsen Skjorts Skjortsene
Dress En kjole Kjolen/a Kjoler Kjolene
Skirts Et skjørt Skjørtet Skjørt Skjørtene
Shoes En sko Skoene/a Sko Skoene/a
Socks En sokk Sokken Sokker Sokkene

*Comes directly from the english word, so it is kind of special with the S at the end. We just changed the «Sh» to a «skj»

The en/a and ene/a  is because they are easily said both ways, at least for me J

 The sentences:

”I love your shoes”  – ”Jeg elsker skoene dine”

”You have a nice sweater” – ”Du har en fin genser”

”Where did you buy those pants?” – “Hvor kjøpte du de buksene?”

“You are pretty in that dress” – “Du er pen I den kjolen”

“I want a jacket like that” – “Jeg vil ha en jakke som den”

If you want to learn more compliments, watch the «Compliments» video.

”I have blue pants” – ”Jeg har blå bukser”

”My sweater is warm” – ”Genseren min er varm”

For more adjectives, you can also go see the «Adjective 1″ and «Adjective 2″ video to get more adjectives to use in these sentences!

“This skirt is new” – “Dette skjørtet er nytt”

”This dress is new” – ”Denne kjolen er ny”


Because the word ”Skjørt” (skirt) is neutral, the word ”Dette” (this) is with T’s instead of N’s. Because of the neutral word the word “nytt” (new) also gets T’s after it. We would also say “Det skjørtet” (That skirt).

The word “kjole” is a female/male word (you can use both) and that is why we use “Denne” because we would have said “Den” (that).

Hope this helps! =)

15 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. Very help training video with the companion charts & sentences. I really appreciate the work you do. Mange takk.

    Min kone og jeg komme til Norway i september. Nå vi kan kjøpe klaer.

    Ha det bra

  2. Very informative, but how the hell are you rolling those r’s? It is a sound humanly impossible to do. I’ve tried and my tongue is not co-operating. I await the step-by-step Youtube video complete with tongue twister.

    1. haha, It is soooo hard to explain 😛 Cause I’ve always done it 😛 haha.
      I have to research it, if there is a way to explain it and learn it 😛

  3. thank you for your informative videos..Can we do like study the words i can use for a job interview. I live in Norway and it is not easy..please!!

  4. all your videos are very helpful. i am going to Norway this coming September to be with my girlfriend. it makes me understand your language easier. the details are precise and clear. keep posting…
    du er flink laerer..(sorry my keyboard dont have the ae thing) tussen takk!

  5. I’ve been learning Norwegian for a while, but I’ve been doing it myself. So I can say this video is more than helpful!It is full of optimism and good mood :-)!Because sometimes I think I will never speak Norwegian!PS.Takk skal du ha for hjelpen.

  6. Hei Karin, this is good work you are doing here. Tusen takk for the lessons, it is making norsk seem more easier to learn and understand than I first thought.

  7. Hi karen, nice to watch your vedios at youtube. I really love it. I would like to learn norwegian languages, i learned some of your vedios…You so very good to pronounce.. I wish you are not tired to make some any vedios. Thats the way me to learn Norwegian. Anyway gonna start study Norwegian language on February 20, I’m glad I have found your vedios. I need to study some of them.Thank you Very Much…

    Beast Regards,

  8. You are completely fluent in English and your Norwegian is very understandable. Because you have this complete dual fluency and create good examples, these videos have been more helpful than many products we have bought on to learn Norwegian!

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