Taken by Daniel Lange

Taken by Daniel Lange

Hello you. This will all go in English, for my awesome YouTube Fans, and everyone else I have met/talked to Online who doesn’t understand anything on this site. So basically this used to be my Norwegian Blog, but will now include all my YouTube stuff as well. This is just because it was too much to keep different stuff at different places. Convenient.

If you found this page from another place, let me break it down for you.
Youtube is where I teach Norwegian. It’s where everything happens basically, this is only a place to summarize and categorize and if some videos need further explanation than is possible to give i a simple video. Like tables of content and stuff I forget ^^

Some history…
I started this on demand in 2008.  When people saw I was Norwegian when I streaming at BlogTV, people asked to hear about the country. After that people started to ask for lessons. I ended up getting more and more requests, on sentences, words, grammar, that people wanted to learn. Suddenly I’m swamped with questions, requests and messages I don’t have the time to answer. I try  my best, but It’s some times too much. But that is basically how it all started 🙂 I had a year break in 2013 because I had a baby boy, but I’m now back and more videos will come. I try to do at least 2 videos each month.

Want more Norwegian?
I have made new playlists on the Youtube-Channel to make it easier for you to find what you might be looking for. Every week I get a suggestion to make a video that I have already made. So take a look and search in my videos before you suggest something. Maybe I’m a head of you!

I will try to make two videos a month. But unfortunately I don’t have the time to make as many as I want. With a baby in the house everything is uncertain. If you would like to Donate a bit, that would help me out a lot, and you can do that at the button below. Everything is much appreciated.

Please make some donations Please don’t feel that this is some thing you have to do! 🙂
I love you all the same ❤

 Ready-Made Lesson – Playlists

I have made 2 playlists for beginners, this is a suggestion on where to start if you want to learn Norwegian. It’s playlists made from hand-picked videos I have made, that I feel are important to learn in the beginning. The first playlists is useful first words, and first-time communication. Also includes counting. The second playlists is a bit more nouns and more sentences to increase your vocabulary! Good luck!

A list of what is on YouTube

Here a list of my videos will slowly appear so you will have an easier time finding what I have. This will be categories and it should be a place to begin!


Basic langugae 1 – Tourism phrases

Basic language 2 – Tourism phrases 🙂

First time comunicating

First video – Opening, closing doors, windows, stuff to do and ask to do in a room.

Numbers – How to count

Part 1 (yes I have two videos that is #1.) Sentences to use when you meet a norwegian. Common sentences.

Part 2 Ask someone out on a date, and how to answer.

Part 3 If you are lost and need direction. Plus some other sentences.

Directions part 1 Where to find stuff, stores, and how to get there!

Directions Part 2 And expansion of how to get to places and how to ask!

Part 4 – Simple once, phrases.

Part 5 Small common phrases!

Part 6 «I like to» and «I have to» sentences!

Part 7 Expanding the conversations. How was the consert?

Compliments – You know it 😉

Days, Weeks, Months

Fruit, Vegetables and Berries

Fantalk – How to talk to someone you are a fan of


Joining words with not – Shouldnt, havent ++


Anatomy 1 – Words of the body

Anatomy 2 – More body-learningn 😉

The head – Im saying eyes wrong. Read description!

Animals – Different animals that came to mind.

Food – Some food you eat and make stuff wit

Clothes – Basic clothes words and sentences to use with the new words! (Also see the page!)

Family – Mother, brother, sister-in-law  etc. and sentences!


«Kj», «Skj» and «Rs» – How to prounouns special sounds.

Æ, Ø, Å – How to prounouns norwegian letters.

Y, I and U – How we say them

Lond and Short Vowles – Pronouncing the differnece between short and long vowles, like «tak» and «takk».


Questionswords – Basically how to start a question

First verbs – Explaning verbs, and some verbs. (walk, give, do, have)

Some verbsInfinit, present, past, perfekt. Some verbs you use when travel, (Spend, pay, buy ++) and some verbs commonly used (Eat, drink, read ++)

Adjectives 1.0 – Big – Bigger – Biggest (basically)

Adjectives 2.0 – Basic how you use adjectives with a noun

Personal Pronouns – I, She, He +++

Modal Help Verbs – Could, should, would ++

Conjunctions – Or, but, ++

Preposisions – On, of, behind, next to ++

Combo-Verbs – take off, hang up, +++ (


«Short Story: Concert» explaning a weekend, concerts, flying.


Kamilla & Tyven – A Norwegian song, read to youand translated.

104 thoughts on “Youtube

  1. Hey there,

    hvordan gar det? Jeg liker deg video pa youtube! De hjelper meg a laerne norsk! =)

    But now i have a question about Times in the norwegian language. Is it possible that norwegians use mostly one of both, «Presens» or «Preteritum». Cause here in Germany we use Preteritum for most sentences in the past. We don`t use Presens any more in the daily language… Is it the same in Norway? That the «youth» got its own language or something like that. I hope you know what i want to know 😉

    I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    Take care


    1. No. In spoken German only the present perfect (Perfekt) is used for everything in the past, the past tense (Präteritum) is for literary writing. Of course there are some who at least sometimes use the past tense in spoken German as they believe this make them sound more intelligent but it sounds just weird and will cause strange looks and ridicule.

  2. Hi Karin,

    First up, thank you for your videos. I’m going to Oslo at the end of the month for my after christmas/new year holidays, and i’m really looking forward to trying saying stuffs I’ve learnt thanks to you 🙂

    I guess you’re not a Youtube partner, are you ? if not, regarding your stats on youtube, you seem to be easily eligible for that. Check out

    Also, you can put some Adsense on your blogs. It’s the kind of thing people don’t really mind if not too invading.
    More info about that on

    Ok, i have to admit that i have no idea how much revenue we are talking about, but it can be a free bonus aside from donations 🙂

    hope that helped.. ^^


    1. Hello 🙂 thank you for trying to help!
      But as you said in your next comment partnership doesnt work with Norway.. it has something to do with taxes or something! And to have adsense on my wordpress blog, i actually have to pay to have the opportunitie to have adsense, and that would probably cost me more than I would get in ^^

      But thank you though 🙂

  3. Hei Karin,

    Jeg kommer fra Hellas but I am now living and working in Oslo since August 2010. I would like to thank you for your norsk youtube lessons! I love your (eastern right?) accent!

    Since I discovered your videos two days ago I would appreciate if you could tell me what is the correct sequence to watch all of your videos.

    Tusen takk,

    1. Wow 🙂 that is wonderful! 😀
      Thank you for your compliments!
      I got the question not too long ago to organize the videos in a good order, it is a big job, and I am going to do it soon I hope ^^ I will post it on my blog and twitter and YouTube and everywhere so you will know when I am done 😉

  4. hi

    i love your norwegian lessons, i find dificult to learn norwegian at the present i am at asker , i would appreciate if u can guide me to learn fast cuz were i work they need me to speak norks

    1. Hello Hassan!
      I am sorry, but I am no teacher, and really wouldn’t know how to make you learn faster, just read, watch, hear! And all I can contribute with is my videos! Thank you! 🙂

  5. Hello, Karin!

    I’m Brazilian and I’m going to Norway on august, as an exchange student. I’m so excited!! I just have a little problem… There are no Norwegian teachers where I live… I tried hard to find one but it was impossible! I wouldn’t like to arrive in Norway without knowing anything of the language, but unfortunately it will probably happen.
    I’m taking Swedish lessons, though.
    I’d like to know if learning a bit of Swedish will help me with Norwegian when I get in Norway. Are those languages very similar or not?
    Ahh, another thing, could you suggest me a good English-Norwegian dictionary(not a pocket one)??
    Thanks, Karin!! 🙂

    1. Hello 🙂
      Im so happy you are coming to Norway!
      Unfortunately I have no idea about dictionaries or teachers or anything :S
      And about the Swedish, it’s hard to say, but i can tell you this:
      almost all Norwegians understand Swedish fully, but it doesn’t work the other way around! Swedes find it harder to understand Norwegian! So if you can listen to Norwegian when you learn swedish, i think that will help you a lot!

  6. Hey Karin,

    I just wanted to thank you for all of your video’s.
    They really are a great help for me to learn how to speak
    proper Norwegian 🙂

    Hilsener fra Holland

  7. hi karin
    i really enjoy ur videos , i like to learn new lenguajes so i was interested in learning some scandinavian languaje but when i saw ur videos i guess i decided that Norwegian will be a good choice, it is not easy though , cause i speak spanish but i will enjoy it for sure

    1. Hey:) Norwegian is going to be hard though, but hopefully fun 😀 with me! 🙂 good luck to you, and please update me on how it’s going, or if there is some videos or blogs you miss, want or need! 🙂

  8. Thanks for your videos, they’re very helpfull for learning the norwegian language, specially the pronounciation which I find quite hard (as I’m not either a native english speaker).

    I have some questons I would like to ask you about it:
    -the letter «e» is sometimes pronounced like «e», and sometimes like «æ» (ex. in «Bergen») or «a», when is it pronounced in each way?
    -When is the letter «o» pronounced like å?
    -Is the letter «a» pronounced like «æ» in some words?
    -the letter ø, is it pronounced like an «e» with more closed lips? or is it more close to an «o»?(like german ö)

    Can you recommend us some norwegian literature (in bokmål)? (specially something classic situated in old historical contexts, something about old norse men)(and that can be downloaded in internet, as you can’t find books in norwegian language in my country xD)

    Finally, can you tell us about the pronunciation differences between different regional accents? for example, i’ve heard sometimes the «r» pronounced like «g» (like in french), what changes, for example, in the tromsø’s or bergen’s accent? are there too many differences?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Oh, and some other things:
      -when is «u» pronounced like «o»?
      -are «v» and «b» pronounced distinctly?
      -how do you pronounce letters with these symbols:é, è, ê, ó, ò, â, ô

  9. Just discovered you today live in ny. I would love to have lessons with you in Skype (conversations in Norwegian) and would pay you for it – congratulations I think your videos are great – thank you and have a great night. S.

    1. Hei Sonja!
      I have been thinking about doing lessons on skype. But at this point in my life I have too little time for that now. But I might do it in the future. I might do a lesson on Blogtv for everyone to ask me questions and stuff…but it’s all just thinking about it in my head at this point!

  10. Hei Karin!
    Jeg er fra Ecuador (Soer Amerika) og var I Norge I 2001 fordi jeg besoekte en kjaereste som bodde I Alta.
    Jeg var der i tre maaneder og gikk paa videregaaende skole bare paa norsk kurs. Jeg aagso reiste til Oslo, Tromsoe ogTrondheim. Jeg ble forelsket i Norge!
    Jeg har ikke hatt mye kontakt med spaaket i de siste aarene, saa jeg lurte om du kunne gi meg et privat kurs paa Skype. Jeg maa prate paa norsk foer jeg glemmer alt..! Jeg synes det kommer til aa hjelpe meg til aa forbedre norsken min.
    Dette er e-mailen min:
    Var saa snill, skriv meg saa vi kan avtale betalingen osv…
    Paa forhaand, tusen takk for hjelpen!

    1. Jeg syns norsken din er veldig bra! 🙂 jeg skal skrive ned mailen din å prøve
      Å finne et system for skype-samtaler! 🙂
      – Karin

  11. Hey,higlig to møt
    Merci pour les Video, j Ai eu baucoup d avantages parraport a mes amis avec votre video, a bientot
    Takk for kurs
    Med venlig hilsen Stani

  12. Hi karin!

    I’m from Philippines. I’m a 3rd year medical student. I like to work in Norway someday… but as of now I don’t know yet what are the requirements to go and work there. =) But I love your language and I enjoyed your videos so much! Thanks for all your efforts… You’re helping people. =)

    1. I love your ambitions! Maybe some day you will work here 😀 I dont know anything about that though ^^ wish I could help..
      Im so happy you enjoy my work! Thank you for commenting : )

  13. Hallo!!! hvordan har De det? mitt navn er Damphir og jeg er fra Nicaragua i Center America 🙂
    jeg studere norsk selv men en liten bok og noen informasjon.
    well, its dificul sometimes, feelings of loneliness learning without tutor hahaha… but hey… i did find… XD thank you Karin. Jeg er glad i deg 🙂 tusen takk, et kyss og en klem fra Nicaragua.

    1. Im so happy you are learning norwegian! Good luck with everything and let me know if there is a video I can make that will make it easier for you!

  14. Du er det best, jeg lære mange med deg, fire tusen takk for all !! : – >

    Jeg ønsker alt godt til deg, ha en fint øyeblik.

    Ha det fint


  15. Hello again Kari, and let me thank you again for your videos. Can I ask you some questions?
    -Can you explain the meaning of «jo» and when is used? (when not meaning «yes»)
    for example, what does this mean? –> du vet jo at Knut og jeg var sammen
    -The meaning of «vel» and when to use it
    ex. det er vel noe for barna å gjøre her på hotellet? (what does «vel» mean there?)
    -what’s the difference between heller and helst
    -what’s the difference between må and burde
    Thanks for your help and have a nice day.

  16. Jeg vil kjener mer om verb når legge noe på slute som: lyst på, lurt på, last opp, henger opp, skjære opp, gi opp, rer opp, pusse opp, osv …

    956.979.459.969.593.459.992.194.959 takk : – >

    jeg ønsker deg en nydelig dag!


  17. Hi Karin!

    I want to say thank you very much for your videos!!! I’m from Argentina and my boyfriend is from Bergen and I’m moving to Norway in October so your videos turned into an amazing treasure.
    You have talent!

    Saludos desde Buenos Aires!

  18. I am an American teaching at the University of Tromsø. Your videos are really helpful, as I have to learn Norwegian in order to continue to be here after three years.

    Your written English on this page needs a little editing. If you’d be interested, let me know.

    1. You are so correct about the written English, and I really know how to so it
      Myself it’s just that when I put the page together I was in a hurry and never got the time spell proof It :S I suck :p but thank you for your compliments! 😀

  19. Hei Karin,
    I am taking an online course in Norwegian from the University of North Dakota. It does not have any video lessons. Your videos are very helpful to me. To hear sentences spoken slowly and then at conversational speed is great. Also to watch how you hold your mouth/lips is very important. Keep up the good work.
    Tusen takk,
    Paul Halvorson
    PS: My daughters name is Karin.

  20. Hi! I am a Canadian living in Oslo and have seen your videos og har lært mye og må si hjertelig takk! I also have a blog about life in Oslo from restaurants to other services found in Oslo. Would be great to get your Norwegian input to my blog Karin. Check it out at

  21. hi karin I am very glad because your videos are greate and very helpful. i learn norsk 4 monts. I gar pa noskkurs in serbia, and i like to meet you on facebook or skype. my name is Branko Jelic. I hope you find me.

  22. Hey Karin ! I’m glad I found you on youtube , you are my most important resource for learning norwegian 🙂 because here in South America there’s a lack of scandinavian ppl so keep it up! You seem to be very cheerful and that makes your videos are welcoming to all who wants to learn.
    I’ve been learning on my own for about 8 months(Since I met 2 norwegian guys while I was living abroad) and I really hope to speak it fluently within 3 months,its my new project and professional goal to reach; maybe i’m going too fast but im very committed with languages since i wanna become an Interpreter. Also I will try to get a norwegian cultural exchange 😀 well with nothing else to say than takk for din dedikasjon og solidaritet ❤

    Ps: I'm a girl,my nickname is kinda tricky for those who speak english ;D

    Maale T.S.

  23. tussen takk,karin.really enjoying your youtube lessons,are you planning more lessons? my wife and I are going to norway next april.maybe even emigrate,who knows? regards harry

  24. Hi, Karen

    I am a teacher from Adelaide, South Australia, who has just started to learn Norsk. Your lessons are very helpful. Tusen takk. My family went to Norway, for a wedding last year. Your country is beautiful.
    Thank you for the time and effort that you put, into making the videos. If you ever travel to Australia, in the future, you could stay at our place. We are at Glenelg, near the beach!
    Sue 🙂

  25. Hello!
    Takk for alt, jeg har nettopp oppdaget din siden og det hjelper masse med grunnleggende norsk . Tusen takk igjen,
    problemet er at det finnes mange sider som hjelper med begynnelse men det er ikke avansert, hvis du forsetter med noen video som likner på “Short Story: Concert” explaning a weekend, concerts, flying…Min norsk nivå stanset å bli bedre, det likner på Sisyfos, fjell og stein som ruller ned..også jeg fant andre video inspiring and sponatanoeus, byeeee.
    God jul toooooooooooooo

  26. First of all,thank you very much to put helpful video to learn norsk..Although I live in turkey ,I can learn norsk easily with ur video from there,also I began to speak norsk with my norwegian friends…Definitely you should continue to upload more than video….Thank you,have a good day!


  28. My Norwegian dictionary has a page on how to tell time. The word for ‘hour’ is ‘time’ (en) but for some reason one o’clock is ‘ett.’
    From other books I have on Norwegian, I understand that: a) feminine gender is seldom used and that common gender can be used with feminine nouns, b) masculine nouns use ‘en’ as the indefinite article, c) neuter nouns use ‘et’ as the indefinite article. So, is common gender also ‘en’? If ‘time’ (hour) is masculine, why is one o’clock ‘ett’ and not ‘en’?

    1. The Word «time» has nothing to do with the sentence when you say «the clock is one» – «klokka er ett».
      And I rally don’t thing gender has anything to do with the 1 being pronounced like «ett» … You know, I have no idea about this… I haven’t never questioned it myself, I just learned that that’s the way it is..

      I googled this in Norwegian to see what it says, and the Norwegian language specialists (norskspråkråd) did not now either, but they were guessing it would be some tradition form back in the good old days ^^

      Sorry I couldn’t be any more help!

  29. Thanks. On another subject, do you know if Nynorsk is spoken more than Bokmal in Geilo? How about in Bygland (a little town on Byglandsfjord)? I imagine you know where these places are. I bought a book about my ancestors, called «Bygland –Gard og Aett» and it was extremely hard to translate. Many words were not in the dictionary. I think it was written in Nynorsk. The author often used the word ‘saaleis.’ Do you know what that means? I enjoy your videos and they are very helpful for pronunciation. Thanks so much. (I don’t know enough Norwegian yet to write without making 10 mistakes in every sentence.)

  30. Karin, you are a real treasure for us, the norwegian language learners… I am in Norway with my boyfriend and I am searching for different ways of learning. This is the very best way I could find. In 29th of May, I have to go to exam, for «norskprøve 2». I am not very good at understanding what I hear and I can say that this was the greatest help that someone could of give me. Tusen takk

  31. hi carin iam one of ur students thanks 4 ur teaching us norwegian lang. i’d like to ask u where are your wedding pics,and also i’m waiting for 17 mai 2012, as usual ur clips from ur holiday

  32. hi karin this is richelle your post is suvh a big help,,can you also post some norwegian conversation or question and answers for a job interview.thank you so much

  33. Hi Karin! I really love Norway! And since I found your blog , I’ve been more interested in Norwegian! But have u ever met any foreginer who has mastered the language? If so, could you tell more about him or her? It would be interesting to know the story! By the way. you have an excellent level in English, is it the educational system in Norway wich allows you to adquire this high level in English? You speak almost like a native!

  34. Are you still doing this? I am a preschool teacher in Minnesota and teaching my students Norwegian. We have hired a lady to come twice a month into the class but your videos help us so much. Are you still making videos if you are giving donations? -Ms Jenni

  35. Hi Cutie, It been so long since I saw your first videos it well spread on internet whenever someone write learn Norwegian on youtube or google video, I would like to make a youtube channel, does it take much of your time to reach 3 millions views, do you work study ? how you reach this result ? dette er imponering 🙂

    1. Hei! Thank you for your compliments! It takes a lot of time yes, a lot. So much that I have considered ending this many times. And many times I have also had trouble making videos!
      Reaching 3 million views isn’t really about how long time it takes, but how good your product is. Is it something people will watch? And rematch? Many if my subscribers watch my videos over again many times to learn! This gives my videos many views!
      Next to my videos I have always both studies and worked!
      Good luck to you!

  36. Hei Karin, I was hoping you could direct me to a video that explains the use of «som» and «at». I know they both mean That, but there are times where I would have used «at» and the sentence is using «som». Tusen takk! Jeg elsker deg :3.

  37. Hei Karin

    Jeg heter greg og jeg bor i Australia.

    Are you able to offer paid tutoring via email or Skype? Please contact me if it’s something that might be possible. Thanks. Greg.

  38. Hei Karin, escuse my english, im from Ecuador and i am 15 years old and im not the best in english but i have a big problem, since 9 months ago aproximatly I started to learn norwegian in the internet, because in my country we dont have norwegian clasess and i love this lenguage but this norwegian curse stoped to give me lessons so i started to search other clasess, so i found your clasess but im so confused, because all the lessons i had are very different between them, and i dont know if i am learning or i learned bokmal or nynorsk, you said that you dont teach bokmal nor nynorsk, im crazy now! haha, also i have problems with the pronunsation of some words because i hearded so many types of voices and types of pronunsations. please help me! haha, thank you.

  39. Great stuff Karin. I just found your videos on youtube. I know a bit of Norwgian but my Norwegian wife, who is totally fluent in English, is not really up for teaching me at the end of the work day. We live in Norway, but I work from home and travel frequently for business and it makes practice difficult. I speka English to my children so that thye can learn that at home. Så, mit mål er flytende norsk til jul! Videoens skal helpe!

    1. Great stuff Karin. I just found your videos on youtube. I know a bit of Norwgeian but my Norwegian wife, who is totally fluent in English, is not really up for teaching me at the end of the work day. We live in Norway, but I work from home in English all day and travel frequently for business and it makes practice difficult. I speak English to my children so that they can learn that at home. Så, mit mål er flytende norsk til jul! Videoens skal helpe!

  40. Hei Karin. I have been one of your «YouTuber» students for a couple of years now. I was in Norway the first two weeks of June. When in Oslo, I went to the Fridays on Karl Johanns Gata to see if by chance that’s where you worked. Every one of the staff and a manager were trying to help me, but I obviously had the wrong Fridays. It would have been neat to meet you in person. Keep up the good work.

  41. So there I was wishing that I lived in a place where knowledge was celebrated and shared for the love of learning, where people tried to make the world better. Suddenly I realized that it is not a place in space, but a space of mind, and that it was available everywhere thanks to this amazing interweb! This was shortly after seeing a video in Lapland about the Northern Lights. Then I saw some beautiful pictures from Norway, and when I looked up the Norwegian language on Google, there you were! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I am inspired to learn Norwegian! I want to see the Auroras some day and it would be nice to have coffee and chat with locals. I am also encouraged to share my lessons in glassblowing on YouTube, I just got a Padcaster for my Ipad and a special filter to see inside the fire where the glass is melting. I could jump up and down, I am so excited! Keep up the good work!

  42. karin your metod very excellent and you are very beautiful thanks for website.i loving norway I hope to be in Norway I hope to emigrate from Egypt to Norway

  43. Hei Karin
    Mange takk for å dele youtube videoer dine. Jeg er en irsk kvinne som bor i Ballard i Seattle. Det er en stor skandinavisk samfunnet her, så jeg bestemte meg for å lære norsk i oktober i fjor. Jeg nyter videoer dine. Jeg fant bloggen din i dag. Det er veldig nyttig for å finne listen over videoer. Holde opp det gode arbeidet (betyr det uttrykket sette godt i norsk ???) Jeg er glad for å donere. Takk for alle hardt arbeid dine.

  44. I was wondering are there good nowegian tv shows. maybe a comedy show or something that is popular. thanks a lot. love you videos..

    1. Hi, I can totally answer that for you.

      There is this FANTASTIC show called I Kveld Med Ylvis, and it’s so easy to find subtitled episodes from all four seasons on YouTube. The same brothers also have a «travel» show where they go all over Norway to find interesting people. That one’s called Norges Herligste. The sidekick they have on I Kveld Med Ylvis, Calle Hellevang-Larsen, is part of a comedy trio called Raske Menn, who are funny as f***. All of these are extremely easy to find with subtitles and are well worth your time.

      Here’s a link to the first I Kveld Med Ylvis episode in English:

      And a link to an interesting episode of Norges Herligste:

      And a link to my favourite Raske Menn skit (though I must warn you, if cursing and dirty jokes aren’t your thing, don’t click this one):

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