How to know when to use «en» «ei» or «et» in Norwegian

I have made three videos trying to explain the difficult thing that is Norwegian Nouns and genders. Norwegian is difficult, and I often get this questions a lot. It all has to do with the gender of the noun. There is almost no ways to know which gender a noun has, it has nothing to do with a car being manly or a shoe being girly. But we have three genders in Norwegian Nouns.

Genders in Norwegian Nouns

Masculine – They use «En» in front of them.
Feminine – They use «ei» in front of them. (or you can use «en» as well, just because our language has evolved a lot).
Neuter – They use «et» in front of them.

I have made a video series on Norwegian articles in Nouns and I hope that will be understandable for many people.

Masculine Nouns

Feminine Nouns

Neuter Nouns

Hopefully these will make a lot of sence and you will be able to tell the difference and then maybe start practising. When you learn a noun in Norwegian it is important to learn the article as well.