Om meg

HeadshotJeg heter Karin, jente på 25 og bor for tiden i Oslo. Kolbotn er der jeg har vokst opp og levd en del år før jeg flyttet til Kviteseid for de 2 siste årene på videregående (til manges forferdelse). Her møtte jeg min fantastiske bedre (eller ikke?) halvdel ❤

Jeg har studert pedagogikk, økonomi (som ikke gikk så veldig bra) og mediekunnskap. Jeg vurderte etter dette både journalistikk (hvor jeg ikke kom inn) og flygeleder (hvor jeg faktisk kom inn) men endte opp på Medievitenskap, som er en Bachelor på Universitet i Oslo. Dette fullførte jeg våren 2013. Rett før det gikk jeg ut i mammapermisjon. Nå er permisjonstiden ferdig og jeg prøver å finne meg en jobb, noe som ikke er det enkleste i verden.

Jeg er musikk elsker, bok elsker, tv elsker og filmelsker. Bruker mye tid på å lese bøker, se filmer og sammenligne de to.

Jeg er overalt på nettet, under nicket Crienexzy eller Crien. Jeg har testet alt fra moteblogging, videoblogging, livevlog, youtube videomaking, lydredigering, ja du skjønner poenget? Hovedsaklig driver jeg med videoblogging om Norge og norsk språk på Youtube, noe som går ganske bra, dette dukker opp på engelsk på bloggen av og til! 🙂






57 thoughts on “Om meg

  1. Hey Karin,you blog is very funny and interested!I started to read it because I watched a video of yours in youtube teaching norwegian . Actually,my boyfriend is norwegian,and he is trying to teach me.I`m brazilian.My boyfriend comes to Kristiansand(I don`t know if you know it),but his family lives in Bergen so every year he goes to Bergen(he lives in São Paulo,Brazil).Well,I started to read you blog,not just because it`s interested(your outfits is awesome by the way),but to learn more norwegian. So,someday I hope to visit Norway(looks like very beautiful).
    Bye than!
    Ha det bra!

    1. Thank you do much for commentig! I hope you get something out of the blog and that you get to learn something new! 🙂 and I really wish for you that you will come and visit Norway someday, it really is something special!

      Again, thanks so much ❤

  2. Hi Karin,
    My wife and I enjoy very much your norsk videos. We are planning on moving to Porsgrunn in three years when I retire from psychiatric nursing. (Come visit us.) I forgot alot of norsk from when I was young. My mom and her family moved here from Porsgrunn in 1930.
    Keep doing the norsk videos. They are very interesting and helpful.
    Tusen takk.

  3. Hello Karin,
    I came across your blog through your YouTube videos…like many seems to do.
    I visited Norway in July for 9 days, touring between the major cities (Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Bodo, Tromso), staying only 1-2 nights in each, and moving by train and bus…
    The country is simply beautiful and amazing, and for example crossing the Artic Circle by train on the Nordland line was very emotional…but I have many doubts that I would like to move and live in Norway…
    Can I ask you some questions about what life is like there, especially in winter? By the way, my favourite city was Bergen….

    1. Hello Salvo 🙂
      Thank you for your lovely comment :)have you seen my videos og winter on YouTube? And my english blog also has some pictures and explanation og winter 🙂 if you Wonder of spesific things please write me an email and i will try to answer the best i can! 🙂

      1. Hello Karin,
        I’m looking for a country where
        – There isn’t too much poverty and inequalities between rich and poor people (in this the UK fails a lot)
        – With lots of mountains, lakes, sea, and real wilderness (places where nature still rules, and man feels very small)
        – Not too much bureaucracy
        – Not a nanny state with lots of rules
        – Friendly locals, who are not very interested in «artificial» things, like sport cars, status symbols, or unnecessary consumerism…simple and genuine people 🙂
        – Firm against foreigners who come only to create troubles, but open to the ones who come to work and contribute to society
        – High (net) salaries, high standard of living

        I loved the trip I made, I would definitely come back there for tourism, even in winter, even in the north. I met some locals on the train or through couchsurfing, and I tried to understand what it’s like to live there…I have big doubts that I’d like to live there, because of the high taxes, the insular mindset of the country, but I still feel attracted by the perspective of living in such an unspoilt country. For me Norway is like a beautiful but potentially dangerous woman 🙂

        I lived for 6 months in Switzerland in 2008, and while there are some similarities (insular mindset, wealth, mountains and lakes, reserved people), there are also big differences (low taxes, more conservative society)…

        I also lived in Scotland in 2009, for almost 6 months…Scottish people are friendly, drink too much (especially in Glasgow), and there are some similarities from the point of view of the landscapes (lots of mountains, although lower than in Norge, lakes, fjords on the west coast), but the standard of living (crime, poverty, quality of housing, employment) is sensibly lower than in Norway…

        For now I don’t have much time to learn Norwegian (Bokmal), because I’m living in Germany and I need to improve my German language skills…of Germany I live the (relative) safety of the country, the economic stability, their welfare system, and Bavaria, but I don’t like the bureaucracy, high industrialized areas (although they try to make them look less dull and grey, they still look…dull and grey), their highways with no tolls and no speed limits (no tolls=less people using trains, more congestion, more pollution; no speed limits=drivers with sport cars running dangerously like mad men, something that I detest to see), and advertisements for smoking (their tone is like «If you smoke these cigarettes you look cool»!)…

        One small curiosity for you: When I did the Bodo-Narvik-Tromso transfer by bus (13 hours with a 2 hours stopover in Narvik…tiring, slow, but beautiful and impressive landscapes at the edge of the world), on the Bodo-Narvik bus, I tried to buy the ticket from the driver with my Italian credit card, but it didn’t work (I don’t know why)…I didn’t have enough cash to pay for it, but the driver was so kind to let me stay in the bus (also because the next one from Bodo was in 12 hours!), and wait to reach the first stop with an ATM nearby (after 4 hours!), where I withdrew enough cash to pay for my 50€ one-way bus ticket…I felt very embarrassed and shamed by all this, but when I payed he smiled and didn’t look annoyed by the delay…I enjoyed this laid back and friendly attitude, and I think that in other parts of Europe (and maybe in Southern Norway too) things like this can’t happen…
        I guess that when you live in a place with scattered human presence, and low population density, maybe, just maybe, you value more human interactions than formalities…or not?

        P.S. Do you have an e-mail address if you prefer I send questions only to you, rather than posting in the blog?

  4. hi! I’m from Poland and I love Norway! I watched some vidios of yours in youtube. I’ve started learning norwegian a month ago and I’m going to translate your blog. Wish me luck 😉
    Kisses! :*

    1. I hope the translation works well! Its not perfect but i hope it will be understandable for You! 🙂
      Thank You for You comment
      And appreciation for my work! 🙂

  5. Hello, I’m from Australia,you are beautiful, i love your vids.I want to learn your language as i would like to come to Norway.You and your friend’s smile makes me smile.Thank You

  6. hei Karin! I, too, found your blog from watching your videos. I’m from the states, but I want to learn norwegian and maybe move there to Norge one day, so your vids are a huge help! and I love translating your posts…it helps to actually read sentences and try to figure out words and all that. soooo tusen takk!
    hope you continue to post 🙂

    1. I am glad you try to read in Norwegian, I would think It’s the only thing that helps with seeing how sentences are put together 🙂 I wish you best of luck!
      And thank you so much for your comments 🙂

  7. hei Karin 🙂 i also found you on youtube, i think your
    video posts are awesome, and helped me a lot to learn. my granddad,
    who passed away many years ago was from norway, and since i’ve
    never lived there i’ve never spoke any norwegian , but now my
    parents reconnected with granddad’s second wife, and i decided to
    learn a few words so i could talk to her, since non of us speak
    norwegian, and she could barely undestand any english or german…
    wish you a nice christmas holidays, and a happy new year.
    greetings, mette-martine

  8. Hi, how are you today? I have to learn Norwegian because I want to work in Norwegian company as marine engineer, I was in Norway last summer and I think this is nice place, but people are a lilttle bit boring and strange for me, especialy food for example pancakes with bacon and blueberry jam!!! wtf.. But I like Norwegian girls 😀 agrrr agrrr I have not met any viking whats wrong with men in Norway?:D

  9. hi Ms. W. Bjerga, your language is so beautiful as your country, I traveled in Norway eight year ago, I tried learn little Norwegian (»lit Norsk»:)))) and now I found your lessons, I am happy to see you on screen and also great pleasure to listen how you teach…
    Hope if I ever come to Norway again we speak on your nice language together. Your smile is amazing, you put much love at facebook.

    tusen takk! Jeg elsker deg!!!


    1. Thank you so much! Your compliments are too nice :):) i hope you find the lessons useful and that you would be able to speak better after a while! Thank you so much! 🙂

  10. Hi Karin,

    I also found your blog from watching your youtube videos. I have been watching almost all of them during the last hours. 🙂

    I am from Germany and as a student in Oslo for one semester. I was looking for some «norsk» tutorials on youtube, since I missed some of my «norskkurs» classes and have to prepare a presentation til Tuesday (in Norwegian). Your videos are really helpful. Many thanks. :))

    Watching your videos makes me smile. For me you are representing the warmness and charme of Norway and the Norwegian people. I am really glad that I can stay here at least til the end of july. I love Oslo more from day to day. Ha det bra og tusen takk!

    P.S. Have a nice stay in London (which is a fascinating city, too)

    1. I’m so happy you enjoy my «classes»! 🙂 I hope it helps! London was full of people protesting, so scary ^^ but I love that city! Good luck with your Norwegian! ❤

  11. Hej Hej Karin!

    Hvordan går det? Jeg liker bloggen din. Hvor studerte du økonomi? I norge, vil jeg studere økonomi. Jeg er amerikansk, men mora mi er fra Bergen. Jeg må studere norsk min før jeg flytter til Norge. Jeg ser Norsk filmer og leser atenposten ofte. Ha det bra!


  12. Dear Karin:

    Thanks a lot for your lessons . I am a psychiatrist-neurologist from Hungary and it looks like I am moving to Norway soon to work there.Could you help me with the rules of connected speech in Norwegian (which letters to omit at words boundaries,etc..). One other thing: Judging from your face, and later from your behaiour on the videos I was sure that your astrological sign should be either a Rabbit (cat) a,goat or a pig (all are very sensitive, liable to absent-mindedness, and also to see the dark side of things. their feelings are delicate, and are very good at arts, singing,drawing,painting,dancing. playing roles,etc. They are easily hurt and liable to shed tears at the lightest stimulus-even if men. They also loke cooking as I recognozed) . From your age I think you are a Cat. Wheren’t you born in the summer of 1987?

  13. Heia Karin! Ae hetter Estela, og ae bor i São Paulo, Brazil. Ae bodde i Norge i 98/99 paa Senja. Ae var en utvekslingsstudent. Foreldrene mine var i Norge i Juli i ar og trivde det mye! De kom tilbake til Brazil na og spurte mae om hvor for norsk snakke «Ja», som de puste luft inn. Ae huske nors folk gjore det, men veit ikkje hvor for. Kan du hjelp mae?
    Gratulere for video! Ae husket ikkje norsk, fordi ae har igjen i Brazil til a snakke med. Sa det er godt a se video dine!
    Ha det godt!

    1. Jeg visste Ikke at vi gjorde dette før noen fortalte meg det i fjor! Så jeg tror det er noe nordmenn gjør ubevisst ^^ og ikke vet jeg hvorfor :p

  14. Hei Karin:

    I’m from Spain. Last summer i met a Norwegian family as they were spending their summer in my country. I spoke with them in English (obviously) but the children didn’t speak English so as a joke i told the parents: next year i’ll speak Norwegian with the children xD So a year later (after watching and learning hard everything you teach us on Youtube), i saw them again last month and made a try speaking Norwegian with the little girls. What a fabulous moment when the girls understood me and answered in Norwegian 😀 The parents asked me if a took Norwegian lessons and i told them: no, it was Karin from Youtube:) After that, i tried to speak with the girls all the time and they were shocked because suddenly, in a year i could speak «Norwegian».

    Thanks to your videos, i could spent a great summer.

    Tusen takk (L)


  15. HI Karin, My name is Dilam and i came from Portugal. These two days i’m watching your video its really helping me and i’m countineuos, so that very very thank you for these conunication.
    thank you
    your student

  16. hi karin
    i am from peru
    could you send me your e- mail because i neeed some informacion about norwegian language.
    i think that you could help me.
    my name is elizabeth and
    my e-mail is

  17. Hi Karin, I am one of you fans, but I would love to know you as s person too. I wrote some messages for you, but I dont know, If you read it. My name is Mirka, 25-6yrs old from Slovakia – in the middle of Europe :). I have no friend from another country, but I dream for it. To know people, to know culture and you look like nice person, natural, you are doing ordinary things, and the best for me – learning language. I hope for your answer in email or googleplus. 🙂

  18. Hi Karin, my message is losted, I dont know why… So I hope you read it 🙂 For duplicate I write it again now. My name is Mirka – from Slovakia, 25 years old – i am your big fan. I saw almost all of your videos, I liked it, and then I thought that It was exciting to have a virtual friend from Norway and improve in English but learn another language 🙂 You look like ordinary young woman with funny life and hobbies….I always wanted to know, write, talk …. with anybody foreign and to know another people with another culture. If you want it too or you dont want it, I hope you write it to me 🙂

  19. Hi Karin, I hope you are doing great! Happy 2012 by the way.

    I’ve been watching your videos for a few months, and I think they are just great: the lessons, the topics, your laugh, your jokes, they are just a great combination of things that makes me want to keep following you.
    I just saw the one about the Norwegian anthem, too bad you didn’t sing 😉
    Knowing that you should figured out that I was a little lost in time, so I was catching up with the new (and the no so new) stuff.

    I want you to thank you for all this work you’ve been doing, I always have a good time watching your videos on my way to work.

    This year I’m going to be in Norway for the first time on July or August (I hope to visit your country more than once). I’ll be in Oslo downtown (if you search it on google maps, I’ll be like 5km away from the «A» mark that google places on the map). I know it will be a funny and interesting tour.

    You should come to my country too, here in Costa Rica we are famous for our flora&fauna, rain forests, beaches, volcanoes … Believe me, it’s an amazing place.

    Well, I just wanted to thank you for your videos and let you know that I will know your Country 🙂

    Greetings from Costa Rica.
    Saludos desde Costa Rica.

  20. Hi, Karin.
    From Egypt I congratulate you for the fresh-funny way you do to teach Norwich on youtube. Waiting for new videos.
    Bye and keep going Nice Girl.

  21. I want to say thankyou for all of your help for learning Norwegian and also get more in touch with Norway!

    It is such a beautiful country with even special and lovely people.
    Somewhere there I grounded my heart! 🙂
    Please tell me when you find it 🙂

  22. Hi Karin,
    I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh! I work for Grameenphone here. Within 1 month I will, if everything goes OK, move to Oslo to work for Telenor Norge as an Engineer. So I was searching for some good lessons of Norwegian and found good videos of you at Youtube. Thanks very much! Please wish me luck and I long to see you some day 🙂

    1. Jeg er fra Dhaka, Bangladesh! Jeg jobber for Grameenphone her. Innen en måned vil jeg, hvis alt går OK, flytte til Oslo for å jobbe for Telenor Norge som en ingeniør. Så jeg lette etter noen gode leksjoner av norske og fant gode videoer av deg på Youtube. Tusen takk! Vennligst ønske meg lykke til, og jeg lengter etter å se deg en dag 🙂

  23. Jeg sqriv min qommenter her , Hej Karin tusen taqq før leqsiqon paa videon førstående og spraaq spørgsmaal .Jeg er Andii fraan Engeland jag første giqq til Geilo i 1980 og 1 før tre Maanad arbejtadde Holms Hotell som serviser, men dem Hotel arbejdere er folq fraan Danmarq derefør jag qunne iqqe snaqqe veldigt bra Norsqe, efter at jeg lær meg svensq spraaq,og bodd i Værmland næmeste til Norsq grænsen og ofte giqq til Norge med Finlander han snaqqede Svensq der med Saapbmifolq,jeg tyqqer om Norsq aqsent bættre an Svensq og Dansq jeg ogsaa bodde i Aalborg Danmarq.

    Jeg tenq paa at start op lærmeg Norsq efter tiitade paa dine videon og se program om Therese CC Sqiier vem jeg qunne ikke førstaas ,Noorman qomt til Noord Engeland Yoorviq Viqings tidstal jeg gladde paa det jeg ha norsq i mit blott.

    Karin er en veldigt intellgent lærerer

  24. Hei du! Du er en veldig kul lærer. Jeg leser bloggen din og ser på dine videoer på Youtube. Veldig informativ, detaljert, moro og samtidig er det morsomt når du ler. Det gjor meg glad og ler også. Jeg er takknemlig for deg at jeg lærer så mye norsk. Jeg bor i Sandvika som er bare noen minutter med tog fra Oslo by. Jeg giftet meg med en nordmann for en måned siden. For meg er Norge en av vakreste landene i hele verden (next to Paris and London =)). Norge er et kaldt landt men det gjor Norge et kult landt. Nordmenn er så hyggelige. Maten er litte rare men smaker godt. Alle ting i Norge er best, du for eksempel.=)) Jeg håper til å se flere videoer som kommer på Youtube. Ha det bra!

    PS: As you see in my grammar, a bit not right when I construct sentences but still trying very hard. Mvh Hazel

    1. Hei! 🙂 jeg syns du er kjempe flink! 🙂 absolutt godkjent norsk 😀
      Tusen takk for veldig hyggelig tilbakemelding 🙂 jeg setter pris på at du liker min jobb 😀

  25. Heisann Karin, jeg bare hørt deg i dag på NRK P1 Sondagsåpents! Det var et helt kjempebra intervju med deg! Keep up the good work you do!

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