Youtube: Animals – Dyr

This is an explanation for the youtube video «Norwegian Language: Animals»

First, some pronounsiation of the animals you just heard.

Dog = hund: you dont say the «d». Some dialects do though !

Bird = Fugl : You do not say the «g».

Squirrel = Ekorn: Listen to the sound the R+N makes together.

Bear = Bjørn: practise the Ø sound.

Snake = Slange: Note that it is a «sh» sound.

Sheep = sau: The «AU» makes an «Æ» sound. Many people also say «S-Æ-V» with a V at the end (it’s not right, but they do!)

Goat = Geit: Note that the G is silent and makes a norwegian «J» sound – J-æ-i-t.

Chicken = kylling: Paractise the «kj» sound which is in this word. NOT the «skj» sound.

Most male nouns works like this:

A X that X More X those X
En hund Hunden Hunder Hundene
En sau Sauen Sauer Sauene
En ape  * apen Aper Apene

* look how i dont add 2 «e»‘s to the Ape.

Neutral nouns have two ways. Words with one syllable, and words with 2 or more.

A X That X More X Those X
Et ekorn Ekornet Ekorn ^ Ekorna ^^
Et esel eselet * Eseler Eselene

*This T is silent.
^ Exception to the rule this should have had «er» cause it has 2 syllables, but it doesnt. .
^^ WEIRD WORD! It’s totally different from anything else.

There is no ending in neutral nouns plural indefinite if there is just one syllable.


12 thoughts on “Youtube: Animals – Dyr

  1. » The First Time»
    Ciao Karin, io sono Denis dall’ Italia.
    Unnskyld for mine feil .
    Dette er første gang jeg skriver til deg ….hmmm eller
    (jeg skriver deg). Jeg følger alltid dine video (veldig morsomt) på youtube.

    Ellevilt som «ape» på italiensk er (bee).
    Kiss from Italy.

  2. «Jeg er … et….esel »
    Sorry for my english.
    Hi Karin, I’m Denis from Italy.
    (When you’ve time) Can you make a video
    on how to use these words? (Please don’t laugh)
    Skullet / Gikk / Ble / Fikk / Måtte
    and » Vil » ? (want / ‘ll / will )
    or you’ve already done?

    example: Io voglio dormire –
    I want to sleep –
    Jeg vil sove –

    Egli/Lui dormirà domani –
    He will sleep tomorrow –
    Han vil sove i morgen –

    1000 takk

    las mer…..
    I have to send this video with
    a message e-mail . Det er riktig……så….?
    » Dette er for mine venner eskimos…..i Tromsø og i Bodø »
    ( for supporter friends Tromsdalen – Bodø/Glimt – Tromsø )

    1500 takk

    Kyss fra Denis

    1. Hello 🙂 I will suggest you check out This video It is modal help Verbs. And also both of my verbs videos! If you go to my youtube page on this website, you will find them all under «grammar» =)
      And you would say «Dette er til mine venner» but i dont understand why the Eskimo is in there 😛 «Eskimo-venner» .. maybe?

  3. » Kjære, Søt Karin »

    venner-eskimos is just ironic expression to my friends
    who live very far away.
    eskimos are not really.

    thanks for the video.

    venner-eskimo è solo un’espressione ironica per i miei amici che abitano molto lontano.

    non sono veramente eschimesi.
    vado perchè c’è la Champions league.


  4. » Kamel er ulykkelig »

    I saw that you went with bella Lindy in Egypt.
    (Later, there was in fact a civil war.)
    I’ve been to Sharm el Sheikh (Coral Bay).
    One of the owners is a former italian comedian.
    Too hot and amazing sea, but I have not been good
    in those days.
    (stomach ache and nausea).

    hmmmmm….oh yes.
    » Short corner of laughter »

    Til Lindy
    Om morgenen, jeg spiser ikke.
    Jeg tenker på deg.

    Til lunsj, jeg spiser ikke.
    Jeg tenker på deg.

    Kvelden, jeg spiser ikke.
    Jeg tenker på deg.

    Natten, jeg sover ikke.
    Jeg er sulten.

    aaaahh.. jeg spøk.

  5. Karin, i just want to say thank you i am learning a lot, i live in spain, but at the end of this month i ll move to stavanger and i apreciate for you lessons and i hope to follow learning with you, greets.

  6. It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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