Hey everyone!
Now it’s actually time for my first ever breakdown of a video. I will try to do this with more videos, if i feel they need it. Just so I dont put to much crap-talk in the video, and can actually write it next to the video! Smart? I know!

So basically the most question about this video is the article of the word «fan».

Male: En fan – fanen – fans – fanene
Nautral: Et fan – fanet – fans – fana/fanene

The dictionary says the male version, but people use both of them. As the sentence «I am your biggest fan» are said on the internett in both ways «Jeg er ditt største fan» and «Jeg er din største fan». I must admit, the first thought the first, but the second is what is correct. The neutral form of it gets 6 810 000 results on google, but the male version 14 800 000 results.

The other question would be «Why is it not faner in plural?»
This is actually a very good question. And the only explanation is that the word is just taken from the english language, in lack of something better, and the once in charge thought «fans» sounded better.. And we used the english words so much before it was converted to norwegian, so people are used to it. Thats the only reason.

Another tip for this video, is to listen to the use of «din» and «dine» (your). From the «i like your» «i love your». Everytime something you like is in plural, we use «dine». Like «songs» this is a plural word, so it gets «dine» instead of «din».  In english this is the same «your song» and «your songs», but in norwegian it is «din sang» and «dine sanger» 🙂

If you have more questions, comment on this post or on the video itself and I will try to edit the post. Notice, the older a video is, the more Not-likely it is that i will update ^^


One thought on “Fantalk

  1. Karin, I do not have any social media sites, but have been wanting to learn Norwegian for a long time. I grew up in Seattle and my dad, grandfather and grandmother were from Norway, unfortunately they didnt raise me. I have however lived the life of a Scandinavian man since, i am the poster boy, 6’2″ blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned and 210 #s, my name is Jens Edwin Hanson, I have always wanted to learn our language, and am ready to try now, i was not trying to be arrogent, but trying to say how much I have always felt Norwegian even though i didnt get to learn about our culture, thanks for what you are doing!

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